Episode 570: (Replay) The “Should You Buy This Product or Not” Webinar Framework with Jason Fladlien


The Ultimate Guide to Persuasive Webinars: How to Sell More and Achieve Your Business Vision


Welcome to the Perpetual Traffic Podcast, hosted by Ralph Burns. In this episode, Ralph introduces Jason Fladlien, a persuasion expert, and discusses the power of webinars in selling and achieving business goals.

The Importance of Persuasion and Selling

Ralph emphasizes the critical skill of selling and persuading in business. He highlights the goal of the podcast, which is to help marketing professionals, such as CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and Marketing Directors, sell more, generate leads, and achieve their business vision. Ralph also shares his personal experience of learning how to sell and persuade effectively.

The Should You Buy This Product or Not Webinar Framework

Ralph introduces the “Should You Buy This Product or Not” webinar framework, which is a powerful strategy for selling. He explains that this framework focuses on addressing belief patterns and breaking down objections to persuade the audience to make a buying decision. Ralph highlights Jason Fladlien’s expertise in using this framework to sell effectively.

The Four Phases of a Webinar

Ralph discusses the four phases of a webinar: introduction, content, transition, and close. He emphasizes the importance of the introduction in setting the stage and framing the webinar. Ralph explains that the introduction creates excitement and tension by presenting the audience with an amazing opportunity that they may or may not qualify for. He also highlights the significance of acknowledging objections and limitations upfront.

Crafting Compelling Content

Ralph emphasizes the importance of clearly defined outcomes and paradigm shifts in the content phase of a webinar. He explains that the content should be set up with proper context and build up to a powerful insight or how-to. Ralph also mentions the value of using success stories to add credibility and demonstrate results.

Transitioning to the Offer

Ralph discusses the transition phase of a webinar, where the presenter presents two options to the audience: going it alone or working together. He highlights the importance of highlighting the value and benefits of working together and making the offer. Ralph also emphasizes the need to end on value rather than price, by adding bonuses and addressing risks.

Q&A and Closing Remarks

Ralph explains the importance of addressing audience questions and concerns in the Q&A phase of a webinar. He emphasizes the value of adding more value through bonus offers and additional resources. Ralph also mentions the significance of wrapping up the webinar with a focus on value and encouraging the audience to take action.


In conclusion, Ralph recaps the webinar framework and its key components. He encourages the audience to take action and implement the strategies discussed. Ralph also mentions Jason Fladlien’s book, “One Too Many,” as a valuable resource for further insights.

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