Episode 573: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Hiring in South America


Unleashing the Power of International Talent: Tier 11’s Approach to Building High-Performance Teams


In the latest episode of Perpetual Traffic, Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam delved into a riveting conversation that unveiled the strategic approach of Tier 11 towards building high-performance teams through the utilization of international talent. Let’s explore the key insights and revelations from their discussion.

Cost Efficiency and Talent Accessibility

The conversation highlighted the significant advantages of tapping into international talent pools, particularly in South America. By leveraging talent from emerging markets like Colombia, Tier 11 aims to not only enhance cost efficiency but also gain access to a diverse range of skilled professionals.

Commitment and Retention Rates

One of the standout points emphasized was the higher commitment and retention rates observed among international employees. By offering competitive salaries and fostering a culture of excellence, Tier 11 has been able to attract top talent and maintain long-term relationships with their team members.

Advantages of South American Talent Pool

The discussion shed light on the strategic advantages of focusing on South America for talent acquisition. With countries like Colombia emerging as hotspots for skilled professionals, Tier 11 is capitalizing on the rich talent landscape to drive growth and innovation within their organization.

Colombia as a Strategic Market

By establishing a presence in Colombia, Tier 11 is tapping into a market brimming with potential. The country’s abundance of skilled graduates and favorable business environment make it an ideal destination for expanding operations and fostering talent development.

Impact on Employees’ Lives and Motivation

Tier 11’s approach of paying above-market rates for top talent has not only transformed the lives of their employees but also fueled a sense of motivation and dedication within the team. By recognizing and rewarding excellence, the company has created a culture of high performance and continuous growth.

Importance of Hiring the Best of the Best

The conversation underscored the critical importance of hiring the best talent available, even if it means paying premium rates. Tier 11’s commitment to recruiting top-tier professionals ensures that they have a competitive edge in the market and can deliver exceptional results for their clients.

Rigorous Selection Process

Tier 11’s rigorous selection process, as exemplified by the case study of recruiting a Client Success Owner, showcases their dedication to finding the perfect fit for key roles within the organization. By setting high standards and conducting thorough evaluations, the company ensures that only the most qualified candidates make the cut.

Case Study: Client Success Owner Recruitment

The detailed case study highlighted the meticulous approach taken by Tier 11 in hiring a Client Success Owner. With a multi-step interview process and a focus on values alignment and vision understanding, the company aims to onboard top talent that aligns with their core principles and objectives.

Importance of Honest Feedback

The conversation delved into the concept of radical candor in talent management, emphasizing the value of honest and direct feedback in fostering growth and development. By encouraging open communication and constructive criticism, Tier 11 cultivates a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

Impact of Insecure Entrepreneurs on Success

The discussion touched upon the detrimental effects of insecurity on entrepreneurial success, highlighting the need for confident and decisive leadership in driving organizational growth. By addressing insecurities and embracing challenges, entrepreneurs can unlock their full potential and lead their teams to success.


In conclusion, Tier 11’s strategic approach to leveraging international talent for building high-performance teams serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation. By embracing diversity, fostering talent development, and maintaining a culture of transparency and feedback, the company continues to set new standards in the industry.